Boring life

Sometimes when I read blogs or listen to the stories of other people’s lifes I really want to dispair about the boring, predictive course my life has taken.

Went to school and sunday school.  Got Matric (just univeristy acceptance – no distinctions), were affirmed in church, got my drivers license.

Went to university, got a degree, got a job, got a car, moved in with first serious boyfriend, lived overseas for 6 years, married first serious boyfriend, moved back to SA,  bought a house, had a child and that is where I’m now.

And now?  I run, I work, I’m Zoe’s mum and Hubby’s wife.  And when I get time I’m a bookworm.

What an incredibly boring life.  Or maybe I should be extremely grateful for this boring life and live it to the fullest and rejoice in a life that has been smooth sailing up to now?

Movement update:

Saturday – 21 in the hilliest part of Pretoria

Sunday – 15 with a friend – very slow and easy.

Monday – visit to physio to sort out dodgy foot.


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3 Responses to Boring life

  1. NielsUndelete says:

    you want your life to be less boring? have an affair with your best friend’s husband and be sloppy at keeping the secret a secret.BAM!! No more boring life.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Eish that sounds a bit extreme. Maybe I should try something a bit more tame for my first venture out of a boring live.Thanks for visiting!

  3. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks for visitng Cyber. Yes I think I may have sounded a wee bit ungrateful in this post.

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