Reaction to a disaster

The horrible earthquake in New Zeeland and now the earthquake and tsunami in Japan made me wonder how I’ll react to such a disaster.

In theory I know that you have to go and stand in a doorway because that is the strongest part in a building but to be very honest I don’t think I would even do something like that.

My first thought especially if I’m at work when it happens will be to get to Zoe and make sure she is safe and try and protect her.  I’m only about 8 kilometers away from her school during the day but I honestly don’t think I would even try and get my car and get to her.  My first instinct will be to run.

And luckily for me – running does come quite easy at the moment, I would run to get to my child even barefoot or with sandals or flip flops.

This made me so grateful that I know that if something goes wrong, not earth shattering like a earthquake but just a high fever or a fall at school I have the assurance that I can get to her within 15 minutes.  (Earth shattering like an earthquake – interesting choice of words)

My heart goes out to all the  mommies and daddies that work an hour away from their little ones and will always have the fear in their hearts that can’t get to their children ASAP.  Plus it is another 2 hours lost in traffice that could be spend with your child.

Thank you Dear God for this job that allows me to spend more time with my precious child whilst still keeping my brain occupied and keeping me a little bit independant from my husband.

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2 Responses to Reaction to a disaster

  1. greatgodpan says:

    i reckon the people in california must be getting a little concerned right now……

  2. LinFlin says:

    Ekmoet se ek voel ook bevoorreg om meeste dae net halfdag te werk en naby genoeg aan die skool te kom – half uur in verkeer.

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