Eating again!

OK yes I do have food on the brain at the moment and milk – hmmmmm milk – pink Nesquick milk with a spoon of caramel condensedmilk – hmmmmm – hmmmm.

OK wake up you are at work.

Has anybody seen those tiny little rabbits at Woolworths.  There is five in a pack, one white, two brown and two black – gosh that sounds like a true blue South African rainbow nation.  Anyway – they are not any old hollow little easter bunny – they have hazlenut praline inside!  How amazingly fantastic.  For only R20 – I think that is a bargain.  Which one should I have next – white or brown?

And then onto cupcakes – hmmmm.  I’m thinking of trying something different with my capcake baking craze.  I’m tired of the velvet cake with cream cheese icing now.  I’ve been thinking about baking choclate cupcakes.  then I want to hollow them out and fill them with sweet cream and put the cupcake lid back into the cupcake and then topping the cupcake with some chocolate ganache.  Sound devine doesn’t it.

Only problem is that I really do not want to eat all of those cupcakes by myself but I so want to bake them.  I suppose the solution will be to bring them to work but these guys will definitely not appreciate such a “refined” cupcake.

Anyway – enough dreaming about food – better get back to work.

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2 Responses to Eating again!

  1. simplybe says:

    I found a tiramisu instant mix at Spar. That will be my next “baking” venture

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    I’m going to try and post the picture of the cupcakes this morning. Don’t quite know how this new Blackberry works yet.

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