Koos Kombuis

What a blast from the past did we have last night.  We were all students in the early nineties.  I was aware of the “Voelvry beweging” with Koos Kombuis and Johannes Kerkorrel and how they were banned from most of the Afrikaans Universities in the country but never had the honour of seeing them on the Voelvry Movement tour because I was still too young.

The first time I saw Koos live was at Intervaristy in Pretoria.  It was the best fun I had in months and since then I have been a avid fan of his.

So last night all these mid-thirties people rocked up at the Blou Hond in Linden to party with their old favourite and hero Koos Kombuis.  He is still just as funny but now instead of criticising the old Apartheid government, he is now criticsing the new government.

It made me a bit sad – this old fogey who fought so hard for a new and fair society for everybody and now he is so unhappy with the new government that he feels he has to sing about it.

Anyway it was a great night and I did really see the results of excessive drug abuse in this man.  He is only 57 but his memory is competely shot – he has a file with the lyrics to all his songs and he can only sing the songs if he can find them in the file.  However it may all be an act to be seen as dozy Koos Kombuis.

The Blou Hond is also quite a novel idea.  Restuarant with an Afrikaans artist performing.  Because the restaurant is now build around a dog theme there was a lot of howling and barking going on, the food was also served in dog bowls – I did think they took the theme a bit too far but maybe I’m just a bit stuck up because it seemed although the rest of the crowd there enjoyed it.

One thing I did love about the Blou Hond was their motto:  “Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are”.  I think that is such a lovely thought and I’m going to try and make that part of my attitude towards life.

Goodness what a rambling post – almost as hazy and confused as old Koos Kombuis!!!

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