Eating and cravings

I’m sure you know that I’m training for Comrades! Tongue out

What I find absolutely amazing is how my body reacts to this serious training.  Last year about a month before Comrades I went for the Discovery vitality tests – my cholestrol was high and my sugar was all over the place.  They could not understand why – however I did – I do carboloading before marathons and ultra’s with a very sweet sugary drink – hence the sugar.

Anyway – back to this year.  January I could not face food at all, I was constantly tired and the mere thought of feating made me want to puke.  Hence a wonderful weightloss of over 5 kilograms.

But boy oh boy did that change now!!  Since February I’m constantly hungry.  Sometimes it feels although my stomach is trying to eat itself from hunger.  I can eat a massive plate of food now and within 10 minutes my stomach feels completely empty again.  My growling stomach would wake me during the night because it is so loud, it even woke hubby one night.  Hence a weight gain of a kilogram up to date.

And then there is the cravings.  I absolutely crave milk, normally I’m not a very big fan of the white stuff but now!  It is all I think about but don’t get me wrong I don’t want it in any healthy version like clean milk or yogurt or cheese.  Ohh no – give me the bad stuff.  Milk with pink nesquick, ice-cream, custard, condensed milk, caramel condensed milk or a Super M.

This is just wrong how can a grown woman have a half litre milk at her desk and finish it off in 2 minutes flat?

However if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that in this time of serious exercise it is to listen to my body.  My body does not need the additional stress of having to be hungry or to not get any milk in.

So here I am sitting at my desk sipping my pink milk!!!

BTW – went for my Discovery tests on Monday and cholestrol and sugar are both normal!! Whhooo hoo.

Reading through this post again it does seem although I’m pregnant but believe me I’m not!

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5 Responses to Eating and cravings

  1. HotMom says:

    are you sure lol?

  2. HotMom says:

    are you sure lol?

  3. LinFlin says:

    Ten minste kan jy maar eet want jy verbrand baie van die kilojoules!

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Ook waar LinFlin maar dit sal seker beter wees vir die gesondheid as ek so effens gesonder probeer eet.

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Off course I’m sure! 🙂

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