My little rant for the day

I think I have made it clear before that I think to exercise is absolutely vital to your well being and health.  Me thinks I may have a little bit of a problem with people who choose not to exercise!

On Thursday nights we do speed work – we need a track for that and since there are now a lot of official events on at our local stadium we train on the rugby field / track of one of the primary schools.

While we train there is a lot happening at the school.  Were we are – rugby coaching.  So all the mommies and daddies are there watching their little angels train to become the next Victor Matfield.  They train for an hour from 6 in the evening. 

I’ll say about 75% of the mommies and daddies are overweight.  They are all wearing some type of training shoe and almost all of them are in leisure clothes.  Why are they sitting next to the field and not taking that one hour a week and walk around the track.

They can still see their kids but they will also set an example for their kids by doing something to keep healthy and fit.

I can almost guarantee you that if you go to those people sitting next to the field and asking them why they are not exercising they’ll say that they don’t have time or that it is too dangerous to go out on the roads or that they don’t have money to join a gym.

What can be more perfect than to walk on soft grass within the safe environment of a school with lots of people around and it is free because you are already wearing the clothes and there are lots of taps scattered around to school for hydration.  The weather is so amazing at the moment here in Gauteng and it is such a blessing to be outside in the evenings. 

And the kids absolotely love to see all these adults running around the track but not just running but chasing them and playing with them.  The joy on their faces are amazing and that is when strangers do it.  Imagine the joy when daddy or mommy has enough energy to run around with them. 

Come on people open your eyes and look for opportunities to move and get part of the Puffy’s movement challenge.  It is not so difficult.

OK – jump of my soapbox now and get back to work.

Quick update on movement for the week:

Monday – rest and lots and lots of stretching

Tuesday – 8 kilometers run and greasy fish and chips afterwards!

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2 Responses to My little rant for the day

  1. simplybe says:

    “but running is so unkind to your body”

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Hi Be – running is unkind to your body I agree but walking is not so bad and walking is excellent exercise!

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