Doing nothing

I really think it is an art to do absolutely nothing.  How often do we do absolutely nothing?  I don’t think we even realise it but there is always some kind of external stimulation around us and therefore we are no doing anything.

The art of doing nothing.  I think I had it down to a T when I was at university.  I’ve spend many hours perched on my desk in my residence room on the 16th floor just staring at the lights of Johannesburg and Melville.  Nothing else but me on my desk in silence looking out at the world below and above.  No sense of urgency or the need for stimulation.

Today one stimulation is not enough.  When I do sit down after a full day of working, running, running a house and watching a 4 year old I normally switch on the TV, the laptop and grab a book.  Watch TV, get updates on Facebook and blogs as well as reading in between.  My cellphone will also be nearby in case of a SMS or phone call.

On Saturday morning I was in a situation where I had no choice but to do nothing.  I ran 21 km’s and hubby was doing the 42.  For about 2 hours I had to wait for him in the car.  I did not take anything to read, I did not switch on the radio for fear of a dead car battery and I did not have my cellphone with me either.  All I could do was to either sit outside on the grass or to sit in the car and be.

And what an amazingly wonderful experience.  I connected with my quiet side, I sat on the grass with my toes curled into the wet soft grass and ground under it.  I  looked up at the sky and imagined images in the clouds. I felt the sun beat down on my head and my face.  I sat in the car and watched the world go by – people running, jogging, walking and limping past to achieve their goal for the day.

What an amazing two hours did I spend doing nothing, I so wish that I can do that more often but at home there is always something that needs to be done and it is not often that you have the luxury of two hours on your own when you have a family.

It was so rejuvenating and glorious and I’m now addicted to doing nothing again.

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