Movement challenge

So let’s see movement so far:

Monday:  10 kilometers on the treadmill (I’m really starting to feel like a hamster)

                Also did extensive stretching to help prevent any more injuries.

Tuesday:  7.5 kilometers on the treadmill after work (do I have buck teeth yet?)

                 4 kilometers in the evening with friends not so much for the body but more for the soul

Planning ahead:

Wedensday:  8 kilometers – hill training – hopefully I’ll be able to fit in some stretching during the day as well.

Thursday:  4 kilometers – speed work  and stretching

Friday: stretching and rest and a sports massage!!  Hooray!

Saturday:  21.1 kilometers

Sunday:  21.1 kilometers

Which will bring my total to about 75 kilometers for the week.

Shoes last about 800 kilometers which means that if I keep going at this rate I’m going to need new shoes AGAIN in about 11 weeks!! 

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner – we are all going to help change the pamphlets for our club run.  Mind numbing work but I’m sure with a few bottles of wine and some good food it will go quickly.

So the menu for tonight:

Chicken pie – by popular demand

Rice – for my carb loving hubby

Roasted potatoes – for my love of potatoes

Veggies – I can’t decide on the veggies yet but I’m thinking that it is going to be carrots and green beans.  Any other suggestions E?

Pudding will be cupcakes.  I’m still deciding about the colour but I’m kind of leaning towards pink.

Just a quick thought on stretching – why can’t I be as supple as a 4 year old.  I was really speechless on Monday.  Zoe sat with the soles of her feet against each other, right up against her bum, she put her knees on the ground and then her head on the floor in front of her!!  How is that humanly possible?  I can even touch my toes anymore.

Eish this is a messy post.


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