Mind Boggling

Which smell is the strongest – Dior Addict (which cost an arm and a leg by the way) or the hand and nail cream from Clicks called Rose and Marshmallow.  Well let’s guess.

No sorry it is the hand cream.  A guy just came into my office and told me that he can smell it in the upstairs offices!  How is that possible?  Well at least my whole office smell like roses now.

On the movement front:  I ran 10 kilometers on the treadmill yesterday afternoon.  That must be the most mind numbing thing to do.  It is beyond boring and because I was there smack bang in the middle of the day there wasn’t even any people to look at.  However I did notice that the going go easier once a lady was running next to me.

Although I must admit that I did shake my head at her in bemusement.  She has put the treadmill on 10 kilometers an hour which is really quite fast.  However she was holding onto the bars of the treadmill with all her might and her feet were barely skimming the surface of the treadmill.  No wonder she looked as fresh as a daisy after her 20  minute workout. Ohh never mind at least her arms got a workout!! 🙂

Zoe did catch me out yesterday.  She was under the impression that I work and then come to fetch her from school immediately, well yesterday I pitched at the school still huffin and puffing and red in the face from my run and her first question was how did I run without her?  Hmmmm oops.

I’m so excited we got some couches for the sitting room yesterday.  Yes after 4 years in the house we can now actually use the sitting room.  However there is now a desperate need for a coffee table and other bits and pieces to fill in the holes but that will have to wait since I’m only getting 40% of my salary this month.

Yes the bad economy is really biting my company in the bum this month and I’m just hoping that we get some orders in because else I’ll be without a job soon and that is definitely not part of the game plan!

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3 Responses to Mind Boggling

  1. AlphaPix says:

    Yip, unfortunately, everyone thinks that the recession is over…but with all the continued price hikes, we are all feeling the pinch!

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Alex. Luckily the cricket is on right about the time I’m running. normally I’m not a big fan of cricket but it does take my mind of the pain!

  3. SuritaBotha says:

    I do wish things can go better. I’m fortunate enought to be part of a two income household but what about the sinle income households?

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