Epic weekend fails!

So this was a weekend of failures.

Firstly – I bought some clothes – OK only one top and hubby paid for it so does it count?  I think it still counts because I wanted it and I bought it myself but with his credit card.  Well the rule wasn’t that I should not buy clothes again but rather that I should buy less clothes.  I saw this top in a shop at our local Pick ‘n Pay centre but luckily the shop was closed.  Zoe was also rather impressed with the top.  She calls it the top with the “blommetjies velletjies” (flower skins) – it has a chiffon border with flowers on.  She was well impressed when she came from Ouma on Sunday  morning and saw the top in my cupboard.  Yes I saw the top on Saturday afternoon and went back on Sunday to buy it.

Then the second fail.  I was supposed to run a half marathon on Sunday – it is rated as one of the most diffcult 21’s in Gauteng and is excellent preparation for Comrades.  So it was one that I really should’ve done.  Well Zoe slept over at Ouma on Saturday evening and we watched rugby at a friend’s house.  Too many mojito’s later and on Sunday morning when the alarm clock went off I suggested to hubby that we should sleep in.  He was as eager as me not to get up.

So Sunday  morning was spend sleeping late – well until 8 and then we started to get ready.  When I phoned my mom and asked is Zoe wants to come home Zoe said yes immediately and that is extremely strange for her because she always wants to stay at Ouma.

And here is the third epic fail for the weekend.  While I was snoozing in  bed Zoe was puking at Ouma.  So I wasn’t even there for my child when she was sick.  When we go to my mom Zoe was running a fever and was as pale as a ghost.

So there, three epic fails for the weekend.  Goodness, at least I’m still standing strong on the magazine front but that resolve is crumbling as well!!

Just a quick update – Zoe is fine now after we go some medicine from the pharmacy and she slept for 4 hours she was her normal bubbly chirpy self.

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2 Responses to Epic weekend fails!

  1. SuritaBotha says:

    You Alex is an excellent spin doctor. I’m going to keep this in mind.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    I had exactly the same mind set Alex and then I discovered the feel good hormones that go along with running and since then I’ve been hooked!

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