Angels on our journey

I’m absolutely convinced that God send us angels in the shape of humans to help us on our journeys through life.

My one angels lives thousands of kilometers away and I see her once every two years if we are lucky but we talk to each other each and every day via e-mail.

It is amazing how we met.  We both love Afrikaans magazines and we were both living in England at the time.  We met on the internet on a South African website and made plans to meet up.  I had stacks of old Afrikaans magazines and I wanted to give it to her.

It is such a lovely friendship.  We talk about our resepective day to day experiences and we share recipes.  Sometimes I feel guilty because I do unload a lot of my nonsense on her and she is always there with a kind word and a wonderful message.  And sometimes I do feel although that message from her is directly from God.

She loves to entertain and would not think twice to take out her precious porcelain teacups to have tea with two little girls.  There is no fear that the kids may break the cups or destroy the good tablecloth but just pure joy to give these little kids the experience of a lifetime to have high tea with proper cups and treats to eat.

Her mission in life – to show others how important it is to be a good host – like Jesus is a good host to all of us.

I do hope that I can be an angel to somebody else one day and that I can enrich a life as much as R is enriching my life.

Thank you R – you are a star and an angel!!!

Lots of Hugs.

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