Me thinks my brain is now manipulating my body to try and get out of this Comrades lark.  My brain really does not want to run this year because there is so many other fun things to do like going out on a Friday and Saturday night and go away for weekends with my friends.  So the slightest little problem will now turn into a major problem.  Yes I have another inujury.  However this is completely and utterly my own fault because I always want to be independant and not ask for help.

We were at a swimming hole in the forest at Kaapse Hoop on Saturday and when we walked through the river to get to the other side I slipped and fell quite hard on my left bum and hip.  I did not think too much about it because it was sore but not too sore.  If only I accepted Hubby’s outstretched hand to help me over the slippery rocks but Nooooo Lotus knows better and can do it herself.

Well this whole week every time I ran I could feel myself limping a bit to alleviate the pain in my left bum and hip.  Well last night after 3 kilometers I realised that I’ll have to admit defeat and that this is now an injury and not just a little bit of pain.  So I stopped running.

The rest of the evening was spend icing the muscles and joint, then massaging it, then putting the infra-red light on it and then stretching it.  So this morning the whole area is extremely sensitive – I think the massaging may have bruised the tissue a little bit but I have not tried running yet.  I think I’m going to give myself today and tomorrow off and then I’ll run on the weekend and see how it goes.

Strange – my target for a week is to do 50 kilometers.  Last week I did 55 kilometers and I thought that it is now perfect because now I have 5 kilometers in the bank.  Guess what – I’m going to use that 5 kilometers this week and I’m still going to be in a defecit for February.  Ohh well – luckily I’ve carried 10 kilometers over from January as well.

Just a quicky on the mom side of life.

Zoe told me this morning that she has to keep on concentrating!  Huh – 4 years old and she knows about concentrating – I’m impressed.

Yesterday she had a friend over to play and it was my turn to be the “smug” mommy.  The little boy made 1 wee and then another wee and poo on my living room carpet.  He then did another poo on the trampoline.  I never had that with Zoe when she was potty training.  Maybe boys are just different.  And then the little girl got cross at her mom and swiped a whole glass of milk from the table on the floor – luckily the outside table and luckily a plastic glass!!!!  So the previous time it was my turn to have the tantrum throwing child and this time it was the other mom’s turn.  And so we all have our turns!!

Have a wonderful day, I’m preparing recons for year end.

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