Imaginary friends

Firstly a quick update on the movement front – I ran 13 kilometers last night – that brings the total for this week to 29km’s.  It may seem a lot but I’m not going to run over the weekend at all since we are away camping and I’m not going to risk life and limb to run in the forests.

Zoe has an imaginary friend – sometimes it is only one but sometimes there may be a whole crowd of them or even a whole family.  Ohh and the friend’s name is Feetjie (fairy).

Now normally when she starts babbling about the Feetjie I just kind of switch off because it is a survival thing when Zoe talks.  It is basically impossible to stay sane when she starts talking because that child can talk A LOT!!!!! I’ve had women come up to me in public loo’s and ask me about this child that does not stop talking for a second.

However I digress – yesterday in the car I decided to actually really listen to her story about the Feetjie and her family.  I was dumbstruck how she uses everything she sees and experience to translate it into the story about the Feetjie.  We had a friend who did a course in stage make-up – she posted some of the photo’s on Facebook.  Quite gross photo’s with missing fingers and long wounds.

Well the Feetjie’s dad lost his finger in an accident and there was snow and car accidents and biting friends and parties and cycling and running etc etc.  Goodness it is amazing and her vocabulary is really quite exceptional.  I do wonder where she picks everything up?

At one stage I was a bit concerned about this whole imaginary friend but after reading up on the internet it seems although it is a really good thing, helping them with speech and social skills.

So for now the fairy can stay and I’ll just send her home every now and again when she gets to be too annoying.

Where can I get my own imaginary friend? 🙂

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