Miracle drug!!!

Man oh man what a crazy day – this is really the first time today that I’m actually getting the opportunity to get to my blog.  It’s just been meetings and reports and deadlines and internet and e-mail that is not playing ball and directors bouncing ideas and principles off poor little me.

Well yesterday’s brain wave about the cortisone injection was an absolute inspiration.  I went to the doc’s, explained my situation and without further ado I was injected in the bum with a cortisone injection.  However that injection is not for the faint hearted – man it hurts and my whole bum and leg went compeletely numb afterwards.  Hubby was very disgusted about me getting one and he is still in pain so I quickly explained the situation to the doc and Hubby was allowed to come in without a consult and get a cortisone injection as well! 

Last night I ran 3 kilometers on the treadmill without a single ache or pain.  I did ask the doctor if I can have one once a month and he said he won’t give me another for at least 6 weeks.  Ohh well you win some and you loose some!  He explained why I have the all over leg pain as well – just skip this part if medical terms bore you.

Because of the long hard running my the cells in my tissues are compacting and this makes them leak water and this leakage of water is the cause of the all round pain in the whole of my leg.  Well let me tell that all round pain is simply gone and it also packed up the knee pain I’ve been struggling with!  Hooorrrraayyyyyy

So now I raring to go again – I can not wait for the time trail tonight – I’m planning to do 8 kilometers but it seems although rain is going to thwart my plans.  So gym and treadmill here I come again.

Anybody out there with a treadmill they use to hang clothes on?  I’ll gladly exchange your treadmill for about 40 plastic clothes hangers.  I would really like to have one at home because it is such a schlep to go to the gym, stand in a queue for a treadmill and then you are only allowed to run for 20 minutes.  I normally run for 20 minutes and then just fall back in the queue and wait my turn for 20 minutes again.  However that does not give me the endurance I need at the moment.

And how could I forget about the other drama this morning!  Yes I received my water and electricity bill this morning and let’s just say that it is about 3 times the normal amount and I’m in 60 days arrears!!!!  Well after the physio I steamed off to the municipality and was I was ready to punch the first person who would dare to help me.  However I bumped into the man that helped me with the fine we got for stealing water.  No we did not steal water intentionally – the previous owner of the house installed a little bypass system to water the garden and the swimming pool without paying for the water and we were not aware of it.  Seems although that freaking fine was never cancelled and all my payments for the past 2 months has gone to pay off the fine.  I actually have a credit on my account but it does not reflect because the cancellation of the fine is on somebody’s desk and not on the system.

At the physio I had another telling off.  She told me that cortisone is not the route to go when you have pain and that resting the affected areas are better.  Well the problem currently is that I do not have the time to rest – I have to run if I want to survive on Comrades day!  I’ll take the rest route for injuries after Comrades.

Well I’m going to the scary supplement store full of body builders now – the doctor told me to start taking creatine to help the healing process.  Not a lot so I won’t build muscles but just to help.  If the doctor say it is fine I’m sure I can go with that.  However the doctor is a cyclist so goodness knows what he is taking!!! 🙂

Over and out till tomorrow.

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One Response to Miracle drug!!!

  1. LinFlin says:

    Al wat vir my werk is kortisoon inspuitings, veral as ek inflammasie het. Dit brand die hel uit myuit, maar di werk en ja, ek kan dit ook net elke 5 tot 6 weke kry. STERKTE! Ek is baie bedrywig so ek het nie regtig tyd vir blogs nie. Ek ry elke dag Pretoria toe om klas te gee…en in die aande is dit kos maak ek huiswerk doen!

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