The disadvantages of running

This is by no means a post to discourage you to run.  I’m still completely committed to Puff’s movement idea but there are a few disadvantages to take running as far as I do.  Just a quick update – I ran 21 kilometers on Saturday and only managed 15 on Sunday instead of the planned 32.

1.  I lost another kilogram.  This means it is one kilogram for each week of this year.  This may turn into a problem if I keep this up to Comrades – Comrades is about 16 weeks away – which means I can loose about 16 kilograms which means that I’ll weigh 44 kilograms – me thinks that may be a little bit too little for me!! 🙂

2.  The absolute bone tiredness – you run and for the rest of the day you are finished.  You just want to sit on the couch.

3.  Not having the opportunity to rest over weekends – getting up at 3:30 every day on the weekend is no joke.

4.  And I think this is most probably the most important one and also why this year will most probably be my last Comrades – I’m extremely short with Zoe.  My temper and patience is really extremely short and I shout and scream at the slightest provocation – and then I feel so extremely bad afterwards.  All I can say is that I’m extremely grateful that God made children so forgiving.

Speaking about the forgiving nature of kids, maybe we should really be more like children and also teach ourselves the ability to forgive so easily.  I’ve decided to make that my motto for February – to forgive.  Everytime I’m thinking of something hurtful from the past or even the present I’m just going to chant forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness and hopefully this will retrain my brain.

Gosh – look at that completely went of the tracks there to talk about other things.  Back to the disadvantages of running

5.  The ability to start thinking about ways to manipulate a doctor to give me a cortisone injection for my sore legs.

6.  Yes the constant pain that you live with.  That is one of the big reasons why it took so long for Lance Armstrong to get the pain in his scrotum checked out – as an athlete you are used to being in pain most of the time.  Please note that I do not compare myself with Lance Armstrong AT ALL!!!

7.  The loss of a social life.  We went to friends for a braai on Saturday and by 11 both hubby and myself just wanted to go home.  And I could only have 2 drinks and I still paid the price for those two drinks on Sunday morning.

All this said and done I do not think I’ll ever stop running – maybe downscale a little bit after Comrades and not do Comrades again but the advantages are just so much more than the disadvantages.  I do love running.

Now I’m going to phone that doctor and sweet talk him into giving me a cortisone injection!!!

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