Horror child

Ohhh the embarrassment to get called to the side of the playground by your child’s teacher.  Zoe is normally such a well behaved child and there has not been any problems at school.

Well yesterday was another story – she bit another girl.  And not just any girl – one of her friends and I’m actually getting along with this little girl’s mom.  There is actually a looming friendship in the air and now this.

Goodness I was upset – I scolded Zoe all the way home and all the way to Ouma and then Ouma scolded her and then her dad scolded her and it went on and on until I started to feel bad.

However not to make any excuses for the biting but I really do think my poor child is extremely frustrated.  Her cousin is a year older than her.  This cousin insist that Zoe only play with her during playtime at school and then when her age related friends want to play with her during playtime she is torn in two by the cousin wanting to play exclusively and her friends in her class wanting to play in a group.

Zoe is too small to stand up to this cousin and get her to play together in a group and therefore it has now came to a head yesterday with Zoe biting another child.

So when is the right time for me to step in and do something about it?  I did ask the teacher yesterday if the kids are allowed to play outside their age group and it is not really encouraged but how do they really stop it?

We always had to fight our own battles when we are at school but things have changed a bit since then.

I’m confused – this is hard.

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2 Responses to Horror child

  1. RACHAELG says:

    Eish, I would say don’t talk to her about the biting too much, rather be firm once and leave it. Just by everyone now scolding her, she will think of this biting a lot. Sounds like she just needs some time out herself, maybe she’s really just tired and getting frustrated easily.Teachers should rather ensure the kids remain with their groups, and occasionally allow some integration because the younger ones do learn from the older ones. This is practised at my sons school.My little one has been whining all week, and it has been really frustrating, so last night, at my wits end, I banned him from movies. When he asked once again after the banning, I said when you stop the whining, you can have that pleasure, until then not. This morning he remembered that, and was a real angel, and got to watch his movies.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Pinball for the advice. I think I’m at such a loss here because Zoe is normally just so good – I talk once or not even once – just a look is enough and she listens.

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