Random info and news

End of January and I’m done with running for this month.  Total stats look something like this:

210 kilometers ran

I ran on 22 days this month

Average of 4 days a week running

24.4 hours spend on the road

This does not include the time spend in the gym which is another day a week.

The target is to get 1,000 kilometers of training in before the beginning of Comrades so I still have to do around 790 kilometers before the end of May.

I ran 21 on both Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday was a big challenge because my legs were tired and my  mind was telling me that I do not need to go through with this.  I had a bit of a watershed moment at about 3 kilometers and I almost turned around and went back to the finish.  I’m very glad I preservered and now it is another 21 on my belt.  It is also good to run on tired legs because it trains the legs for the long day of Comrades.

Poor old Zoe.  She was in the pram for 5 kilometers on Saturday and another 10 on Sunday.  However she got out on both days and did a spot of running herself.  However today she has some serious lactic acid build up in her legs and the poor kid can barely walk.  Next thing is that she is going to ask for recovery pants like the ones Mommy has. 

Somebody told us that it helps to put “Engelse” salt – for all the money in the world I can not remember the english name now in the bath and that helps the muscles to recover.  This morning Zoe asked me to put Afrikaanse sout in the bath because we are afrikaans and therefore we need Afrikaans salt and that will help her legs to feel better.

Zoe’s vocabulary amazes me.  On Saturday she got a pair of new shoes – she insisted on wearing it immediately and she told us how incredibly comfortable the shoes are.

Yesterday her dad was asking her to pick up her toys and she told him to relax, she is busy doing it.  I don’t know what made me laugh more – her attitude or the astonishment on Hubby’s face!  It was really a Kodak moment.

On the money spending side – fell of the wagon once with breakfast on Saturday but the rest of the weekend we had meals at home.  Zoe got a pair of crocs so no use trying to get back on that wagon.  I’m still clean – no new shoes or clothes for a month now!!

Better get back to work – the VAT is waiting.

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2 Responses to Random info and news

  1. alexkingthethird says:

    I get tired just reading your post, wow. Well done with the running. Have you run the Comrades before?

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Hi Alex. I did it last year and now the challenge this year is to survive the up run!After that I’m done until Zoe goes to university!

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