Many a true word….

Many a true word has been spoken in jest.  How incredibly true is this old saying.  How incredibly big is the hurt when something like this happens.  This worst part is that you can not really retaliate because the person has made a joke.

My whole world has moved on it’s axis because of such a jokey remark made in front of other people.  It is now 2 months later and I still do not know how to handle the situation or how to make peace with it.

What I do know about these types of comments are the following:

1.  It changes the landscape of a relationship completely.

2.  Actions of the past may make more sense now because there is an explanation thanks to this remark.

3.  Current actions will now be seen and acted upon with the new knowledge and therefore reactions will be completely different.

4.  The hurt can not be healed and it can not go away because the words were uttered and the person that said it will most probably maintain that it was a joke.

5.  From my point of view the damage is done.

6.  A competely new relationship will have to be build and the foundation will always be this joke.

Anyway enough of this navel gazing and feeling sorry for myself.  The school phoned and Zoe was stung by a bee and she is allergic.

Gotta go.

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4 Responses to Many a true word….

  1. JessieR says:

    I hope your Zoe is ok gf.I know exactly what you mean though. It is hard when the hurt eclipses the relationship. I have been in the same situation. And have chosen to no longer be friends.Hugs to you gf.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Zoe is OK, luckily!

  3. JessieR says:

    Jiggy Dance.:)

  4. LinFlin says:

    Woorde maak mense baie seer. En dis maklik om agterna te se dit was net ‘n grap. Die skade is gedoen. Sterkte!

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