Rambling toughts

Today I having nothing specific to say, just a whole lot of rambling thougths that is running through my mind

Zoe is amazing me more and more every day.  Last night we went to the track to do some speedwork.  E was there with a friend and they very very kindly offer to take Zoe in the pram and ran with her.  Well the running with the pram lasted for only about 800 meters and she then decided that she want to run as well.  According to Zoe E and her friend was running too slowly!  Well Zoe must have run around the track at least 4 times.  That is 1.6 kilometers and she is 4 years old.  I think that is quite impressive.

But it did not stop there.  We got home, had dinner and then she started to dance on the bed.  It seems although the money I pay for the dance lady at school is paying of because I was quite impressed with the moves Zoe had in her repetoire.  She danced for another hour and then she fell down on the bed and passed out.  I can understand why she passed out, she had a very busy day!

I promised her that we’ll go swimming today at the gym and when I left this morning she was already packing a bag for the swimming at the gym.  Another long day of watching Zoe is awaiting hubby.  Tonight he is going to be man down at 7:30 again.

Yesterday was a first for me as well.  I went to the gym after work and I ran 3.5 kilometers.  Now normally that will be enough and I won’t be bothered to exercise again.  Well not yesterday, I finished running on the treadmill at the gym at 3 and by 6 I was at the track running again!  That is a first and it felt good.

I really feel like having a very casual kuier with friends tonight.  Just a piece of wors on the braai and a nice rose wine to go with it.  But I’ll have to clear it with hubby first since he is watching Zoe and as I said he may be man down very early tonight.

This weekend is going to be very relaxed.  Tomorrow is Zoe’s 4th birthday and Sunday we are runnning a 15 kilometer race in Johannesburg.

Goodness I’m so glad it is not 4 years ago.  I was fat and moody, without a house and on the verge of having a baby that I was shit scared off.  I was absolutely convinced that I was going to be the worst mother in the world and that I won’t be able to love this little thing at all.  And how do you hold a newborn and how do you bathe it etc etc.

Well what a revelation my life with Zoe turned out to be.  I could not imagine that I can love anyting as much as I love that child.  The love is greater and bigger than anyting else and I would gladly give up my own life to save hers.   The post dedicated to last 4 years will follow later.

Better get back to work now.

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