Balancing personal relationships

Sitting here at work trying to balance my intercompany loan accounts with Zoe singing to the Barney DVD in the background.

This started to make me think about interpersonal relationships,  the people that are divorced and are still hurting each other and their kids,  the mishaps around Christmas in families with misunderstandings and old hurts and angers surfacing.

How incredibly easy will it be if I can print out my account at the end of the month with postives and negatives of each relationship I have with antoher person.  The other person can then also print out their account with me with all the positives and negatives.  The accountant can then sit down and make sure that everything balances and that all the hurts and angers are balanced in both accounts.  Likewise with the positives and joys. 

I think it is almost more important to show the other person the joys and happiness that you received from them than it is to balance the hurts and the angers but for future happiness all the things in the account for the month should be balance.

Once the two interpersonal accounts are in balance we close it off for the month and start afresh with the new month and let everything in the old month be closed off for ever to never be used again.

Back to balancing the intercompany accounts.

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  1. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks for visiting Jessigirl! And we do need a better world isn’t it.

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