Who are you?

Who are you to think that you can ridicule me because I run and try to keep fit and healthy.  How can you judge me when you sit there with your fat stomach and your wife with her fat ass and tell me that you do not need to run because you have a car.

Who are you to laugh when I eat my salad or enjoy my watermelon whilst you are eating a potato with your sour cream and butter.

Who are you, to then expect me to pay sky high premiums on my medical aid and life insurance because when you have your heart attack or stroke the medical aid and life insurance will pay out without any questions asked.  But I’ll share the cost of that because I’m paying medical aid and life insurance as well.

Who are you to think that you can say what you want to me and tell me I’m crazy and silly to get up early in the mornings to go for a run.  What will you do if I tell you what I think about you.  Why is is socially acceptable to judge people when they exercise but I’m not allowed to judge you on your weight.  Why can’t I tell you that you are a fat old man that can’t even walk up a flight of stairs and that your wife’s fat ass will most probaly break a few chairs in her lifetime.

If you want to be fat it is up to you but do not judge and ridicule me for my choices.  I do not ridicule you about your choices.

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6 Responses to Who are you?

  1. greatgodpan says:

    wow….someone really peed you off…..you go run girl and enjoy it…me i prefer walking in the mountians and growing my own veggies but the same concept applies…bugger the rest.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Hee hee – I suppose I do sound a bit angry. How wonderful to grow your own veggies AND to walk in the mountains. Only mountains I have is the mine dumps! 🙂

  3. greatgodpan says:

    yeah im surrounded by mine dumps too but we travel to the mountains…

  4. JessieR says:

    Run gf. It is freedom.They are in a cage of their own making. And that is their loss.Run gf.You are awesome.

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Thank you Puff! I’ll run and run and run! Ohh what a joy!

  6. SuritaBotha says:

    Wonderful to travel and have adventures of your own doing! Enjoy it tremendously!

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