Bit of a white bread under the arm post

I kind of think that I’m a bog standard middle class South African.  So apologies in advance if I step on any toes but I was just sitting here thinking about this whole holiday lark.

So here we are in our houses for each day of the year.  Most of us have some kind of domestic help and some help in the garden.  Most of us have a washing machine and a tumble dryer and dishwasher.

Our kids all go to school, aftercare or creche so they are kept busy and occupied by other people for at least 6 hours a day.

Now we go on holiday – to a place that is normally self-catering and that is smaller than our house we live in during the year.  No washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer or child minder.

We work ourselves silly the two weeks before the holiday to be able to take time off to go and watch the kids, do the dishes by hand and wear dirty clothes.  Then we get back to work and we have to work like demons to catch up with the work that has fallen behind because of the 2 or 3 weeks that we take to go away on holiday.

Is this a very synical jaded point of view?  Maybe I’m now really ready for a holiday since I can’t even see the charm of going on holiday.

Just look at poor Flinnie cooking up a storm for a whole weekend in preparation for the holiday.

I’ve been planning the Christmas day menu since June!!!!

Bahh humbug – I’m off to do some more work in preparation for the holiday

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4 Responses to Bit of a white bread under the arm post

  1. Hopestar says:

    I think most women work harder over the holidays and going on holiday than when we are at our normal 8-5 job.*hugs*

  2. betsgreyling says:

    How about not baking cookies and fuss so much over food and just enjoy the break.

  3. Hopestar says:

    I wasnt really refereing to men here, its just what us as women do.

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Hopestar I think we are just programmed to try and work harder and try and make everything as enjoyable as possible for everybody.I’ve been called an overachiever mum quite a few times and I think this translates into my holiday plans as well.

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