Pink Lego

I’ve seen this Lego set at Toy’s R Us.  Pink Legos with a horse and cups and a pot and flowers and a car.  I was drooling, I could just see what wonderful creations I could build with these Lego.  I could not buy it, I’m an adult and Zoe’s Christmas and Birthday quota for this year is full.

What is a girl to do?  I WANT those Lego.  I want to build a house with the church like windows and the dark pink rooftiles.  I want to build a cart for the horse to pull and put flowers on the cart.

Ahh ha – I then had a Eureka moment and realised that Ouma Kaap – yes Zoe actually have another Ouma has asked us to buy something from her for Zoe for Christmas.  And guess what Ouma Kaap bought Zoe, yes correct the pink Lego set.

I was on a cloud of happiness until we opened the box.  The box had a booklet in with “ideas”, well actually step by step instructions on how to build different houses and cars etc.  I was floored – isn’t Lego supposed to develop a child’s imagination and creativity?  What is it with this stupid ideas booklet? 

Zoe being the pedantic little pain in the butt who wants to do everything according to the rules did not allow me to build my own creations but I was only allowed to build the ideas in the book.  It was beyond frustrating.

And the best of all?  There was only one Lego doll in and now my child is highly upset because there is two cups and four chairs and where is this little Lego girl’s friends!! 

So all in all not a very good idea.  Frustrated mum and upset little girl.  I may just go home early today and go and build some Lego on my own.

Does anybody know where I can buy some Lego men and women on their own?  I don’t want to pay another R300 for another set just to get a friend for the Lego girl!

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