Nature – too cruel

About 3 years ago swallows decided to build a nest on our patio.  For the life of me I could not understand why because we had two cats at that time.  Well what do I know about the criteria for a nest for swallows and I was just extremely happy that they choose to live under our roof.

It took them al whole season to build that little mud nest.  It was absolutely fascinating to watch and I really rejoiced in the fact that we now harbour such lovely little birds.

The first breeding pair could not keep their baby in the nest.  The poor little thing kept on falling out and we would carefully and gently put it back in the nest, must have been about 6 times.  Never saw it after that so I don’t know if it survived or a cat had it as snack when it fell out again.

Last year the cat caught the male and the female kicked all the little eggs out of the nest and moved on.  Another couple moved in after she has left but it was too late in the season to breed.

So the whole winter we told each other that they won’t come back because it is too dangerous and this will be the third breeding pair etc etc.

Well we were overjoyed when they moved back when summer began.  We waited in suspense to see what will happen.  Well last weekend the baby swallow started to fly and we were so happy.  Next year the baby will come back and build another nest and one of these days we will have a whole swallow colony on our patio.

Well this was not to be – the cat caught one of the swallows this morning and murdered it.  I’m so angry at the cat but I know it is nature and that it is just the way it is in life. 

However I want to listen to some heavy heavy classic music and sob to the heavens with the opera singers.  How cruel and sad.  I think the two remaining swallows have now moved on.  I haven’t seen them at all this morning.

Goodbye dear little swallows, it was an honour to know you and to learn from you.

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