This country

There have been a few blogs about this article on News 24 but I just feel that I have to get it off my chest as well.

What kind of animal will kill a little 3 year old girl execution style and this after her mommy was also killed execution style.  What kind of animal think that a child of that age will do antyhing.  What kind of animal won’t know that a mother will do anything, yes anything even give her own life to save the life of her child.  Those killers are not worthy to be called human beings, they are not even worthy to be called animals because animals will protect their young.  How sick can you be?

I think that in this country we need to look past the white and black issue and rather look at the evil and morally dead versus the good and the morally alive people.  In this country the evil and bad is winning, and that is saying something about the moral character of our leaders but also of us, the normal people in this country.

I’ve lived in the Bahamas and I’ve lived in England.  In England you would not dare not to stop at a zebra crossing and you would not dare to drive over the speed limit.  Here in South Africa an orange light at a traffic light means go faster and when it turns red it means that you go even faster.  Nobody stops at a zebra crossing and a stop street is definitely just a slow down zone.

I’m just as guilty of all these things and many more.  Maybe it is time to turn our backs on anything that is wrong – not just in the eyes of the law but also morally and spiritually and we can then only hope that it will seep through to the rest of this beautiful country and hope that one day our children and their children can be safe and live without fear.

I know this is the Lead SA values as well but I just feel so strongly about this and I need to get this anger, bitterness and yes fear of my chest.

I look at Zoe and she is 3 years old and I just wonder how people can do that?  Is what is happening in this country now the punishment that they talk about in the Bible?  Your sins will be paid for by the third and fourth generation?  How many more generations to solve this?  The USA abolished slavery how many 100’s of years ago but it is still an issue and people are still bitter about it and still want to be apologised too and still want to be treated differently because of it.

Do we have a snowball’s hope in hell to ever life the bane of Apartheid down.

But then the other question?  Do I want to leave and go in live in another country where I’ll have a gigantic hole where my heart is and miss this flawed country and raise my child without family or her own language.  I don’t think so.

God help us all…..

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3 Responses to This country

  1. TheAfricanNewsferret says:

    An it is in the genes problem? Or is it a cultural shortcoming?

  2. sc1pio says:

    It’s quite a sad state of affairs. There’s a lot of hate still in SA. It doesn’t help that most of the populations leaders motivate hate among their followers. Hate can unite people just as love can. Problem is there’s so many South Africans filled with hate XD.Moving to another country is an option, and the decision should lie with your head, not your heart.

  3. greatgodpan says:

    well said……the rules are there for a reason,i mean lets face it if you (everybody) obeys all the rules of the road to the T it is almost impossible to have an accident…once you disregard one simple little rule it starts to turn into an avalanche and a way of life and pretty soon you disobey all the rules and are lawless…or should i say south african

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