Another manic Monday

Mondays are normally a gym day but after Sunday’s nightmare run I felt that I could take the day off.  I did however decide that if Zoe ask if we are going to the gym I would go.  She was “packing” her dolls so she was not interested in gym! 

Let me explain the packing of the dolls.  She brings all the dolls, soft toys and blankets to the TV room, she then proceed to pack them in rows on the carpet and cover them with blankets.  Impossible to get in or out of this room without stepping on a doll.  As long as it is not a Barbie my feet can handle it but boy oh boy a Barbie hand can hurt an unsuspecting foot.  She then will proceed to give the dolls scoldings and tell them how bad they are.  It does make me worry a bit because I really hope I do not talk to her like she talks to her dolls.

The rest of Monday afternoon was spend baking two batches of cookies and cooking three meals.  This is now enough to cover us until Thursday night which means that I can now run for the next three nights without worrying about getting home and getting dinner on the table.

The bathroom is still in progress and I very much doubt if it will be done by Friday.  However the builder was full of confidence but then again if all the stories I’ve heard about builders are correct I should really not trust him.

And then I had another parental dilemma this morning.  Zoe came to me and said she is going to say a very bad word, I was quite interested because I’m know for not mincing my words when I drive and one of my favourites must be the box kind.  So I was expecting the Afrikaans box word to appear.  However she said: “God”.  Now this was a bit of a shocker to me because that is definitely not a word that we ever use in the swear word context.  I suppose she must have heard it at school.  Well I sat her down and explained to her that God is Jesus’ Daddy and that we only use God when we want to speak to Him and not just for everything else.  I said to her that she only uses Mommy when I’m close-by or when she needs me or talk about me and it is the same with God – it is not a bad word but you should only use it in relation to Jesus’ Daddy.  Goodness I hoped I handled it correctly and did not over explain things.

Well the Bossman is on the war path again today so I better get back to working.

Have a lovely day

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One Response to Another manic Monday

  1. SuritaBotha says:

    Ek wens so dat mens alle eksterne invloede kon weghou van die kinders af maar dit is ongelukkig onmoontlik.Zoe het nou die dag by die huis gekom en die lelike lelike C woord gese. EK het sommer die volgende oggend gaan kla by die skool want erens moet mens darem die streep trek.

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