Quick dufs

Just a quick Duf’s – I must go and get samples of clothes we want to order as Christmas presents.


1.  Renovations

2.  No warm water to bath in for 3 days.

3.  Had to kill the bees.


1.  Halfway through the renovations

2.  Had a lovely training session last night

3.  To see Zoe running on the grass with her lovely hair streaming behind her and laughing with joy

4.  To be fortunate enough to be able to look forward to a holiday


1.  Spring cleaning the house this weekend – throwing a lot of junk into the skip

2.  Tough one – yes that is the race I’m doing on Sunday – 32 km of hell and yes I’m looking forward to it.

3.  Sometime this weekend we must have a nice breakfast with poached eggs or dinner with a proper steak.

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