Begging, gymming, renovating, working

I’m going to try and keep this short but I just have so much to say and so little time.

Firstly the begging part of my story.

We went to the new Trade Centre, now called Metro in our town.  Bought a whole lot of plastic things that I’m sure I don’t really need but I convinced myself it is necessary for my future neat kitchen, bathroom and play room.  So here I am with my loaded trolley and this man approached me with a big bag of mealie meal in his hand, asking me to just give him the difference between what he has and what the mealie meal cost.  Instinctively I just said no and kept walking.  Ohhh woe – once we wandered through the new shop we passed the aisle where the man asked me for money and there this sad little bag of mealie meal was standing.  He had to leave it there.  The guilt was crushing, all I could see in my mind’s eye where a crowd of little kids waiting for their dad to get home with dinner and because I could not give him R2, all those little kids are now going to sleep hungry.  Or the Dad will have to rob somebody to get enough money to go out and buy food for his kids.  I walked out looking all over for him but could not find him and those tiny little snot nosed kids haunted me the whole night.

Then this morning my mom told the begging story to somebody at work and she told my mom that she was caugth in exactly the same way except that she did give the man money.  When she got to the tills the cashiers were crying with laughter.  Apparantely this is the begging man’s job.  He begs for money, buy mealie meal, break it up in smaller bags and sell it to the people in the township!  Goodness gracious me.

Now the gymming, I went to the gym last night and there I was just doing my normal thing to strenghten all the weak muscles that take a bit of strain when I run and obviously trying to get rid of my boep as well.  However last night I noticed all the young guys in the gym, body building.  Firstly who has told them that this horrible mohawk, mullet type hairstyle is cool, goodness even the most attractive man looks like a complete tappet with that type of hairstyle and then my second question is do they really thing they can keep on building muscles like that until they are 60?  Sooner or later they are going to stop doing it and what will happen to their bodies then.  And do they really think it is attractive to have such over developed chest muscles and underdeveloped back muscles – it pulls their shoulders forward and it makes them look like somebody from the stone age.  Fugly man fugly.

Renovating, I expected chaos, I expected dust, I’m still expecting a lot of dashed hopes when it is not finished in two weeks time and it does not look the way I’m picturing it, I’m expecting a lot of more money to flow, I even expected the bee hive under the bath but what I did not expect was the horrible smell of sewerage hanging in the bathroom and in our bedroom.  Gross – I taped plastic bags over all the openings but I could still smell it.  We slept with all the windows open.

Working – I got an SMS from the Bossman at 3 this morning, yes you did read correctly 3 in the morning.  I almost had a heart attach because who would send an SMS at that time of the morning.   He can be glad I was still in shock and confused because I would’ve blasted him with a return SMS, however I just ignored it.  Guess what did the SMS said?  “Please go and feed my dogs and cats, my house keys are in your desk drawer”  Surely that could’ve waited until this morning?

Soapbox back in the corner and back to the accounting work.

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