Precocious or not?

It is Zoe’s birthday in about a month and a half’s time. This is the first time that she can really understand the whole fuss about birthdays and she has been planning her birthday for months now.

This is now where my whole dilemma starts. She wants a party at school and she also wants a party at home. Luckily the school one is not too bad because one of her friends have the same birthday and between the other mom and myself we share the costs of a cupcake for each kid and a jumping castle for the school.

Every time I ask her who she wants to invite to the party at home she names all our grown up friends. She is not interested in inviting any of her little friends to her party at home. Is this normal that a 4 year old can be attached to so many adults and that she see them as people that she want to celebrate her birthday with? Maybe it ties into my whole idea about her having different role models for the different sections of her life.

Isn’t she a bit too big for her boots as the old saying goes

Obviously I think it is a great idea – celebrate New Year and Christmas and Zoe’s birthday all in one party and I have enough time to plan things properly.  I think the biggest advantage of this type of birthday party is that none of the adults would expect a goody bag at the end of the party and another advantage is definitely that I don’t have to worry about how the kids will entertain themselves.  I’ll make sure there is a cake for her to have candles on and she can blow that out.  I’m sure a cupcake is big enough for 4 candles?

The more I think about it the more I like the idea! Smile

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