Another church story

After Sanna’s blog about her son in church I just had to share the Zoe in church story.  We decided to go to church – this is not a an every week occurance because we normally run on a Sunday morning.  Well the whole week before the event we told her that people keep very quiet in church.  We anticipated that our little chatterbox won’t be able to keep quiet for the duration of the ceremony.

Well to our absolute astonishment she did not utter a single word during the whole service, BUT she did not sit still for a second.  After the service we asked her why she was so naugthy.  Her reply – I kept quiet as you told me to but you did not say anything about sitting still.

As for the our weekend it was quite a novelty to have nothing to do, well apart for another 4 visits to bathroom places and tile places.  I’m really getting sick and tired of comparing light beige tiles to dark beige tiles.  This is now to tile around the swimming pool.

The visits to the bathroom shops are now hopefully over apart to go and pick up the last bits and pieces for the new bathroom.   The renovater just phoned me to ask me something and the sound of demolition was like music in my ears – I’ve been waiting to redo this bathroom for nearly 4 years now.

Yesterday was such a glorious day and we spend it outside next to the pool.  I did get sunburned a bit but it was absolutely worth it just to be outside in the heat and the sun.  Makes me look forward to our holiday even more.

Back to work and the piles and piles of paper.

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