Today I’m just so extremely grateful for what I have.

I’m grateful for the amazing machine that God designed that we call our bodies.  It is amazing to see what people can achieve with these bodies of ours – look at gymnasts and rugby players and runners.  We all have the same bodies but it can be applied in such different ways.

I’m grateful for the lovely race we could attend last night.  For people next to the road cheering us on and for all the people who decorated their houses with Christmas lights especially for this Christmas race and to get into the spirit.  The people next to the road singing Christmas carols. 

I’m grateful that we can life in an urban jungle where our neigbourhoods are full of lovely old trees and we can run under them and smell the rain and nature and even listen to the frogs saying thanks for all the rain.

I’m grateful that it stopped raining before the race and that we could run without getting wet.

I’m grateful for great friends and family that shared this race with me.  Especially running it with my mom.  How many people can say that they ran a 15km race with their mother?

I’m grateful that Zoe is such an amazing child who understands at her age that mommy must run and she is just happy to stay with other people.  Her only questions these days are if she is going to come along in the pram and if it is going to be a long run!!!

I’m grateful for technology – I can not imagine if I would’ve been able to run with the 1970’s North Star tekkies.  With my style I need very specialized shoes.

I know this is all running related things that I’m grateful for but that is the zone I’m in this morning.  Running makes me grateful and aware of so many things that I won’t have or experience if I only work out in the gym or park my bum on the couch each evening after work.

And now I’m grateful that I can go and have my second breakfast for the day- I’m so extremely hungry after last night’s run

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3 Responses to Grateful

  1. betsgreyling says:

    Dit was vir my net so ‘n groot voorreg om saam met jou te hardloop. Sonder jou sou ek dit seker nie gisteraand gemaak het nie.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Snaaks dat jy nou die woord voorreg gebruik – ek wou my blog eers Priviliged genoem het, maar toe weet ek nie hoe om dit te spel nie! :-)Nou wonder ek of Grateful reggespel is!!

  3. SuritaBotha says:

    Flinnie – vir jou om nie net op jou bank te le en jou rug as ‘n verskoning te gebruik nie is klaar ‘n inspirasie en ‘n voorbeeld vir jou kinders!

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