Proud of myself

For the first time ever and I’ve been working here since 2008 did I stand up for myself against the Bossman.  He came into my office this morning and told me that something I did is wrong and that I’m costing the company money.  Well this chicky did not stand for that because I know I’m right.

It took the whole morning, a whole tree of printouts, about 10 Excel spreadsheet and in the end a mediator but I got out of this game as the victor.  It goes to show that it is possible and I don’t have to be the quiet scared little mouse anymore.

First step on a long journey to stand up for myself!!!

Ohh and it is my 9th wedding anniversary today.  I remembered last night in the gym and after about an hour this morning I’ve realised that hubby has forgotten again.  Lucky for him we have decided a long time ago to stop with the gift giving.

Over and out – going home now.  So grateful for that, don’t want to see Bossman again today.

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2 Responses to Proud of myself

  1. Hazel_b says:

    Well done. It’s always tough to stand up to a difficult boss!

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thank you Little Nutz – hopefully it is the start of a new era at work.

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