Ohh glorious sleep wherefore art thou?  Arrghhh – for some reason Zoe has now decided that she is scared to sleep in her own bed.  Yes I know she is manipulating me but I really do not have the energy late at night to have a discussion with her about “somebody” opening her curtains and looking at her.  Anyway in this country it may not even be such a far fetched idea – it may actually happen.

Anyway so once again she fell asleep in our bed.  And I waited for her to fall asleep to take her to her room.  After I staggered down the three little steps in our room and dumped Zoe in her bed I could not fall asleep.  I was kind of taking stock of all the muscles I have to exercise to run stronger in my next marathon.

Anyway after I’ve exercised (in my mind) all the weaknesses in my body I fell asleep but not for long because little Madam coughed herself awake and she made an immediate beeline for our bed.

So here we are, mom, dad, kid and cat all togehter in bed again.  Only problem kid and cat wanted to play with each other and did not want to sleep.  Only after throwing the cat off the bed for the 6 millionth time did kid fall asleep and the cat left.

this morning I had to get up at my normal time but princess slept until 7:15 and she can look forward to a nice 3 hour long nap at school.

And I’m sitting at work bleary eyed with the sachet of Nescafe Cappuccino in front of me but no energy to actually get up and make the darn thing.  Luckily I baked a chocolate cake yesterday and I can look forward to a nice big piece for tea.

Another marvel of modern technology – a fantastic chocolate cake that takes exactly 7 minutes to bake in the microwave.

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6 Responses to Sleep

  1. AmyRise1 says:

    The joys of being a mom. 🙂 you feel as if a zombie is more alive than you do!

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Hi Amy!! Thanks for visiting! I really thought sleep will be better once they are not babies anymore. I guess not.Like one dad of teenagers said to me – now they keep you awake because they are in your bed but once they are teenagers they keep you awake because they are not in their beds!!!

  3. FlooiFlooi says:

    He he he 🙂 Kalen is almost 3 years old and still doesn’t sleep through…he will come to our bed with a collection of toys, crawl into our bed and then “take over”. Between him, the 2 cats and his collection of toys…not to mention my “boep” I wake up stif and sore every morning!

  4. FlooiFlooi says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO ja wou nog se: Kalen noem vissies “sissies” so as ons praat van die sussie wat oppad is dink hy ons praat van vissies en raak BAIE opgewonde!!! 😉

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Dit moet ‘n groot vissie wees wat Mamma daar in haar maag het!!Hulle is darem maar net so oulik as hulle leer om te praat.

  6. AmyRise1 says:

    That is so true. That is the time that you really have to worry. :-)Perhaps have a look at this link you might get some ideas from other people in this situation.Kids – you have to love them. 😉

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