Board games

I bought a snakes and ladders board game on Friday and I’ve been trying to teach Zoe how to play during the weekend.  This is now obviously not the same snakes and ladders we had as children but is a 3D version where there are shoots for the ball to run-up for the ladders and the snakes run down automatically.  However after the 7th or 8th or 100th time I just gave up.  She insists on putting the ball in the shoot the whole time, regardless of what the dice is saying.  Or she would decide to use a different colour ball or I would get confused about whose colour is whose and then we will have to start again.  It takes A LOT of patience and I really do not know if I have that type of patience.


However this episode did make we wonder how we acquired the skills of board games and card games.  I can remember that my one grandfather taught me how to play checkers and the other grandfather taught me how to play some card games but for the rest I really can’t remember.  Maybe through osmosis whilst the older kids around me played the games?


I really do not know how Zoe will ever learn it because I really really do not have the patience and I can’t even see the relevance in sitting around the snakes and ladders board and try to get to the top as soon as possible.  It is just plain boring!!!!


The rest of the weekend was really just extremely lazy.  I did not run once – Ohh the guilt of not training is getting to me this morning.  So this week will see training really hard again, I cannot throw all the hard work away and start from scratch again.  And did we eat a lot.


We went to the Irene market on Saturday but I can basically just go to the deli side of the market and then leave.  I bought some really divine goodies but the only problem with these goodies are that they all have a limited shelf life so I had to eat as much as possible this weekend to prevent them from going off.  I do have a carrot and white chocolate muffin for today.


Well that is enough rambling for today.  Got to get to work.


Just one final question – why do kids not want to go to sleep in the afternoons?  Even when it is blindingly obvious that they are dead tired.  I wish somebody would beg me to go to sleep!!!

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