Is that an Afrikaans word or does the English people know what it is?  Well a quick explanation – tombola is a table at a fete where everybody donate all their junk.  Each piece of junk then get a number and you can buy a ticket with a number on and the piece of junk that matches your number on your ticket is yours.  What does the saying say: Your junk is another man’s treasure.

Anyway to get back to the tombola story.  I went to pick up my cousin from school yesterday and as he got in the car he asked me if I’m having a tombola in my car.  At first I thought wat a cheek from this guy and then I had a proper look at my car and I had to agree with him.

Herewith just a few things that I could see in my car this morning:

4 pairs of Zoe shoes.

At least 6 artworks of Zoe that came from school.

A broom

A witch hat

A witch cloak.

A bag with gym clothes in

A bag with running clothes in

A bag with old clothes that I need to donate to the maid

3 Blown up Balloons.

A skirt of Zoe

Some warm clothes of Zoe

Warm clothes for me after a run

Roadmap book

Computer bag


Tape to close boxes

Bag with lunch in

A doll’s pram

A cycling helmet

And about 3 baby blankets because Zoe wrap a baby in a blanket each morning.

And that was just the stuff I could see.  It takes me a good hour to everything out of my car and back in their correct places in the house.  I think it is time to do that again this afternoon.

Just a quick Zoe’ism.  After my run last night I was a wee bit wet and cold.  I went to pick her up from Grandma and this was the conversation we had.

Zoe:  I want to stay longer at Ouma

Me:  No we have to go now – I’m cold and wet and I want to go and take a bath.

Zoe:  A bath is just going to make you wetter.

I was silenced….

By the way – I do not drive a bus but just a humble Honda Jazz!!! 🙂

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