Saturday night or maybe Sunday morning I woke up thanks to the stupid rooster welcoming the day long before it starts and I realised that I’m happy.  Yes I’m awake in the middle of the night and my knees and toes hurt like hell but it does not matter because I’m happy.

It just made me realise once again that we should rather focus on those small little spots of happiness and try and make them bigger and let them grow than to focus on the everyday humdrum of living a life full of responsibilities and anxiety.  I’m by no means saying that my life is perfect, there are some very dark, serious issues that need to be looked at but right here and right now I’m going to focus on that lovely little warm spot of happiness and make that my motto:

“Happiness comes from inside”

Yesterday was spend with Zoe playing the whole afternoon.  Firstly we played dollshouse with Cinderella on the computer and then I’ve put some stickers on her nails.  L – the grooming role model – kindly provided us with stickers, glue and top coat for Zoe’s nails so the afternoon was spend trying to stick those tiny tiny little stickers on tiny tiny little nails.  However that was not enough for Zoe and I had to stick stickers on my nails as well.  Seems although L is going to become my grooming role model as well! 🙂

And then we build towers and stairs and trains with some big Lego like blocks.  I find it a bit frustrating because I have these visions in my head of what I want to build and it does not always gel with Zoe’s vision and then we have a huge disagreement about whose vision we should follow.  Maybe I should just buy my own building blocks, I’ve seen some lovely pink and purple ones at CNA.

Off to feed the bosses’ dogs and cats.  And they eat tinned food – makes me gag everytime I open the tin.  Grrrrrr.

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2 Responses to Happy

  1. Hopestar says:

    Rooster?You’re right, happiness does come from inside:)*hugs*x x x x

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    HI Hopestar. thanks for visiting. We stayed on a farm this weekend for the marathon in Kaapse Hoop and they have this insane cock, rooster, male chicken thing that welcomes the morning at around 2 in the night!! So even though I really felt like roasted chicken at 2 in the morning I was still happy! 🙂

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