High as a kite and DUF’s

Man I’m a sad individual.  I had a coffe and Coke and a muffin at Mugg and Bean and now I’m so high on sugar and caffeine I’m bouncing of the wall here at work.  I obviously need the indulge a bit more and have more sugar and caffeine!  My heart is actually pumping in  my ears and I have the quiver in my stomach and I feel lightheaded, all from a bit of extra sugar and caffeine.  Who needs booze!!


1.  Hmmmm hmmm – oh ok – got a quote to redo the bathroom and man alive is it expensive.  Well we have bought everything already so we can not pull out now except if I want to have a bath in my guest room for ever.

2.  Doing a marathon on Saturday.


1.  Baked lovely cookies.

2.  Doing a marathon on Saturday 🙂

3.  Zoe dance wonderfully at her concert and did not freeze at all.

4.  Little bit of a cash windfall – however not enough to pay for the bathroom


1.  Running a marathon

2.  Weekend away in the forest at Kaapse Hoop.

3.  Pancakes at Kaapse Hoop.

4.  Did I mention the marathon? Tongue out

Over and out, let me go and run up and down the stairs to get rid of this energy.

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One Response to High as a kite and DUF’s

  1. betsgreyling says:

    Miskien moet jy die energie spaar vir more.

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