School concert

Last night was Zoe’s annual school concert.  They have been practising for months and all she would say is that they sing pappapappapa (we assumed correctly that it must be Snotkop’s Parapappa).

I always feel sorry for the teachers because the hours and hours of training that go into the school concert for toddlers are absolutely mind boggling.  It must be so frustrating to train them and train them and on the evening they all get stage fright and stand on the stage and cry for their mommies while the teacher tries her best to get the kiddies to do the moves.

Last year Zoe stood for almost 3/4 of the show with her fingers in her belly button.  Yes I know it is strange but she just stood there, the poor little soul.  Afterwards we bought the DVD and she was really disgusted in herself for not dancing.  And disgusted with us as well because we were right at the back of the hall and she could not see us and therefore assumed that we weren’t there.

So this year I was waiting with my money in my hand when they openend the ticket sales at the school.  A bit of begging and flattering and we got tickets in the front row – exactly in front of where Zoe was standing!!!  We were preparing her at home and told her that she should dance the way her teacher taught her and that she should just enjoy it and that we would be there to watch her and clap hands.

Well the big night arrived and when she saw us she went all shy on us and did not even want to look at us!!!  She had this strange little smile on her face when she looked at us and the she would just quickly look away again.  She was so nervous that her little legs were actually shaking but when the music started she danced with all her friends.  It is so strange how you can see their personalities through their dancing.  Zoe was doing all the moves but in very constrained, neat little movements.  Some of the other kids where going all out with HUGE movements and jumping and then you will have the kids that do the dances but with absolutely no joy on their faces, they are there but they obviously do not want to be there!!!  And then you have the little ones that just stand and cry and cry and cry!!

So all in all it was a good night and Zoe did not stand with her fingers in her belly button.  So now we’ll have to buy the DVD again and watch if for the next year every day over and over again!!!!

And then this morning she asked me if she can go and do the concert again tonight!  I’m sure poor Teacher Yolanda will not be so enthusiastic about that!!!

I left the camera at home so no piccies of the big event.

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One Response to School concert

  1. betsgreyling says:

    Sy was pragtig. ‘n Regte klein dametjie.

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