Extra annual leave

I really do think that is the government’s responsibility to pay our workplaces for days lost due to the circumstances in the country.


Why do we have to give up some of our precious leave to do deal with the administrative nightmares that are due to new rules and regulations that are run and managed by fools and all the losses we incur due to crime and the replacement of everything?


Every 5 years we would need to get 2 days leave from the government – this will be to go and apply for your driver’s license and the second day will be to go and collect it.  Forget about breezing in and collect it, you will stand in a queue for 3 hours.


Then we would need leave days for every time our wallets get stolen.  Two days for each card and Id document and drivers license that was stolen.  Once again for the reporting of it and the collecting of it.


Then what about the cost of a cloned card.  That should be at least half a day from the government.  Phone the bank, cancel card, go to the bank to get the new card, go to the police to report the crime, wait a day for the case number, go back to the bank to give them the case number and in the mean time hope and pray that they will get your money back.


I suppose if I want to think like this we would have to start invoicing the government for all the costs incurred to protect ourselves against crime as well as the cost that will evolve from being involved in crime.


Ok and now I’ll go and have a cup of coffee and wake up from this dream

 Tongue out

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One Response to Extra annual leave

  1. Mikib says:

    Well said!!

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