Handy Man

I wish I was a handy man – OK – handy girl.  I would love to put all my ideas into reality but unfortunately real life and work and all the other things get in the way.  And then I must also admit that I’m way too impatient to actually sit and painstackingly measure the piece of wood 10 times over to make sure that they all match up.  Same with drilling holes – it is just soooooo much hassle to make sure they are straight and the same distanance from the corners and the floor and the ceiling. 

Same principle goes for making clothes and knitting.  I love sewing if I can go at it like something possessed and just sew a straight line.  Please do not ask me to measure or put pins in before I sew.  I’m too impatient.  Knitting I love but only if I can knit straight.  And a girl can only have so many scarves.

So to answer the question I’m not good with my hands and it is not going to change in the near future – life is just too short.

But this is now where the problem comes in, 3 years ago when we moved into our house, we thought that the house is perfect and that we do not need to do anything in it.  Well surprise surprise, it’s been a constant outflow of money.  Not just repairs but also furniture and curtains etc.

To move from England to a town house to a house 3 times the size of the townhouse is a serious drain on the bank account.  Where have you every heard of a bedroom that needs 17 drops of Woolworths ready made curtains!!!!

Two weekends away hubby decided that we need more lawn and less garden – another few thousands spend on labour and the lawn that needs to be bought.  While the gardener was at it, hubby decided to clear out all the messy plants (ground covers, ivy etc) so now we have a garden with NOTHING in it, so there we go again – we now need to go and buy more plants.

A week ago I ran past the back of our house and saw that you can see right into my kitchen from the road behind us.  Ohh glory and I love to nip into the kitchen with very few clothes on.  So now I’ll have to put some glazing on to keep our privacy.

And it goes on and on and on. If I could do all the these things myself it would’ve been a lot cheaper but I need to get an “expert” in for every job and that just makes it more expensive.

Next life I’m marrying a handy man and not an accountant!! Tongue out

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