This and that

Sitting here and listening to Kurt Darren’s “Af en Af”.  Now I must admit that I’m not really a Kurt Darren or really an Afrikaans music fan but this song immidiately transport me to the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon this year.  I still had enough energy at that stage to do a bit of a boogie because I was so excited about being there and being able to run such an amazing race.

Comrades is “Tonight is going to be a good good night” by Lady Antebellum – I thought it was quite ironic to hear this song at the 70 kilometer mark at the Comrades.  All I could gasp out whilst running was: “$%$#^%$^  I don’t think so…”  so this is now my Comrades song. 

Strange how music and smell can transport you to a distant memory.

Last night I took a break from running and actually cooked for a change.  Chicken pie, rice (yes hubby loves is carbs) and for me broccoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce baked in the oven.  Best of all there is enough left over for tonights dinner as well.  I was so ashamed just before Comrades this year.  My focus were definitely not on cooking food and when I asked Zoe one evening what she wanted for dinner she asked if we can please have some home food!  Shame on me!!!

Here is a piccie of her for dress-up at school today, I’m not entirely sure that I approve of the whole Halloween thing but how could she go to school in her normal clothes when all the friends had strange and funny clothes on.  My little Liewe Heksie.

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One Response to This and that

  1. SuritaBotha says:

    Dankie Flinnie – ons gaan ‘n haelgeweer moet kry en gou ook!

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