Pay attention Mom!!!

I’ve put this very profound post together in the early hours of this morning thanks to my friend insomnia but that all flew out of my mind when I realised that once again I just switched off when Zoe was chattering away in the car.

I can vaguely remember her telling me that her teacher has closed the door on her finger and that it was very sore.  I asked if there was any blood and when she said no, I made it off as just another “eina” and that she only wants a plaster to put on it and take it off in 2 minutes time and put another one on and so it goes.

Well this morning on our way to her school she said that I should look at the finger that her teacher has closed in the door and then I really felt like the worst mother in the world.  Her whole little pinky nail is blue!!!  It must have been one big slamming of the door to do that much damage to Zoe’s finger.

I’m nowin two minds – do I go and speak to the teacher 3 days after the accident happenend and show how little I pay attention or do I scold Zoe because they are not allowed to play with the door or even go close to the door in their class, also a bit late because she won’t be able to comprehend why she is getting scolded now.

So I suppose a lot of tender loving care and lots of plasters and cream should do the trick this afternoon.  Worst of all is that I know how painful a blue nail is since my little encounter with that specific problem during Comrades. 

I’m not trying to look for any excuses but goodness this child can talk the hindlegs of a donkey when she feels like it which is most of the time and I really can not keep track of all her stories.

On another note I ran my best time ever last night on a 8km time trail and I’m sure my lungs are still burning from the effort.  But ohhh what a great feeling!!

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