No more good weather

I’ve realised this weekend that I’m now a true obsessive runner.  Normally the slightest sign of bad weather will convince me not to go to a race over the weekend and rather stay in bed.  It is really quite a story to go to these races over weekends since most of them start at 6 so we have to be out of the house by 4:30 which means that we have to get up at around 4 in the morning on weekends!!!

Well this weekend was just truly amazing – I ran on Saturday – a half marathon (21.1km’s) and it was raining for the last 5 kilometers, however it was overcast and dripping from the moment we left home.  This did not stop me from running and the best of all!!  I finally managed to break 2:10 on a half marathon, I ran it in 2:08 and I’m so extremely happy with that.

Sunday morning saw the alarms go off at around 5:30, yes we were going to race again but this time it was so close to home that we only needed about 10 minutes to get there.  Ohh boy was the temptation big to just stay in bed, I did do a 21 the previous day and the wind was howling so do I really need to go out in this howling wind and run another 21?  Well I did get up and I did go for the run.  It was absolute torture because it just felt although the wind was coming from the front whichever way we turned.  But I prevailed and finished another one. 

So this weekend I ran 42km’s in two days.  In two week’s time I must run 42km’s in one day.  I can not wait to test my fitness this year against last year’s time! 

To all my friends that rather stayed in bed on Saturday and Sunday instead of running!  Eat your hearts out, I’m sure I feel much better than you today! 🙂

I’ve also realised this weekend how truly blessed I am to have a child like Zoe.  For a superactive child like her to sit quietly in the pram whilst we run with her is truly amazing and it is just because she is such an exceptional child.  It does seem although she is really starting to enjoy it, I think she knows that she has our undivided attention when we run with her and that she can talk to us and really communicate without any distractions, except the huffing and puffing of who ever is pushing the pram.

So all in all a very good weekend and I can not wait to get to the gym this evening and work on all the weak spots that I’ve pinpointed this weekend on my runs.  Shoulders and lower back definitely need some strenghtening.

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2 Responses to No more good weather

  1. betsgreyling says:

    Nooit gedink ek sou die dag sien dat jy uitsien na iets anders as ‘n goeie boek nie.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    ‘n Goeie boek – wat doen mens nou weer daarmee? Ek kan nie onthou nie!

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