Goodness what is going on with me.  I can not remember the last time I was this irriated and angry at the world.  No wait I can, when I was pregnant with Zoe – I was in such a permanent bad mood that the people at work used to hide from me.

This furious mood started last Saturday when I tried to get our Ster Kinekor movie cards which I have paid for ages ago on the Discovery website.  Well after about an hour I got two out of the three and I still have to address the issue of the other one they do not want to give to me.

Since then it has only gone downhill.  Nedbank, SARS, municipality, medical aids, traffic fines.

Well let me quickly tell the tale about the traffice fine.  Got this R500 fine which I felt was very unfair but I took it on the chin and wanted to pay it on Friday.  So on the fine paper it says that you can pay it at any ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB or the Post office.  So on Friday afternoon I went to the post office.  Girly behind the counter take the paper and start punching on the computer, next moment she moves over to the other computer which means that nobody else can get helped because she is using both computers to pay my fine.

Then she ask me for my registration number which is in BOLD letters on the fine – how stupid – can’t you read.  As I was paying with my credit card the system went down and the payment could not be processed.  I was sent away without me paying the fine.  I then went to ABSA.

Getting there she wants me to draw the money first and then pay the fine.  Well this machine rejected my card when I tried to draw money.  I then went outside, stood in the queue to draw money from the ATM.  Went back into ABSA, get back in the queue and when I got to the front the lady told me that they do not do the payment of fines anymore, BUT there whole counter is littered with pamphlets advertising that they do process the payment of fines. 

In this pamphlet it also say you can pay it at the ATM – went back to the ATM and guess what there is no option like the one shown in the pamphlet.  Back to the Post office where they then showed me on the copmuter screen – only one computer this time that the fine is not shown on the system again.

I then phoned the “helpline” on the fine to find out what is going on.  The phone will ring and you can hear how they pick the phone up and just put it down again.  So I persisted, after 7 tries somebody finally picked up the phone and told me very nicely that they have decvided to stop any third party payments because there is too much fraud and I’ll have to come to the traffice department to pay it!!!!  Grrrrr why do you advertise it on the fine then you idiots?

Anyway that is the fine story.

Then it was the rotten chicken bought at Woolworths on Saturday. 

I really thought that with the amount of exercise I did this weekend my irritation will go away and leave me the calm and friendly person I normally am.

Well that did not happen – I just chased a person out of my office!!  The first time ever in my life that I was so rude to a fellow human being.  I feel terrible but also extremely irritated because he knows he is not allowed to come to me directly.

GGGGGRRRRRRRR  – help – I’m a steam pot ready to explode!!!!

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