Honesty does pay!!!

Just quickly I’m seriously late at work and I have stacks to do.

As you know I had the nasty little surprise of the discovery of  an illegal water connection at my property a few weeks back.  Well the bill came earlier this week and I had to hold onto something and gasp for air because that I A LOT of money to pay for something that I’m not guilty of.

So yesterday I trekked down to our local municipality and started the right at the bottom floor with the clerk.  After telling my whole story to him, he send me to the second floor to his supervisor.  Once again I tell my whole story and make drawings of the connections etc etc.  And I’m getting hotter and hotter because I’m so seriously irritated with these people.

Then I was send to the 6th floor whoo- whoo – this must now be as high as I could go.  This is now the supervisor’s supervisor.  However here I was brought to a stop by a little wet behind the ears girly with badly coloured hair who was protecting the supervisor’s supervisor’s door.

I had to go back this morning at 8 but back to the second floor – so now this must be some lowly employee again because he is only on the second floor.  Went there this morning, told my story AGAIN and I was send back to the sixth floor to the same person that I wanted to see yesterday.  Luckily this time the guy on the second floor went with me and within 10 minutes my problem was solved.

I must go to the police station (big big sigh), do an avidavit and take it back to the guy on the second floor and they will reverse the fine and they will not charge me for the work that has to be done to correct the illegal connection.  Big sigh of relieve, only downside, they are going to work out how much water was used but not paid for while we were living there and we will have to pay for that.  I can live with that.

Now my question for the day:  What does it help to go to the police and make an avidavit – do they really thing that people will not lie when they are in a police station?  Surely nobody can be that stupid?  Just look at the amount of lies our police are telling – not really the people to uphold the truth is it?

And then a word of advice – go check your water meters and electricy meters – it is more common to steal water and electricity than you think.

Over and out and back to my grey accounting corner.

Ohh just another interesting snippet – the water here in Ekhurhuleni (sp?) is 3rd cleanest in the country!!!!  And completely save to drink.

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2 Responses to Honesty does pay!!!

  1. chanua says:

    I will go check that water thingy. My neighbour(who moved now) use to steal electricity from all the neighbours around him. I couldn’t figure how. You got it sorted well done and without having to go higher than the 2nd floor. My hubby reckons every floor(public services) is 2 days long(the wait that is). 🙂

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    I’m now so paranoid that I actually asked them to come and check my electricity as well!

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