Burn baby burn

As reported previously I have discovered cellulite on my thighs.  Now this has to go away as soon as possible.  I can not run with a short short and cellulite, it is just wrong.

So I went and I bought the horribly expensive cream and the tablets.  I’m not too good at taking the tablets but I’m very good at rubbing the cream in once a day.  I don’t want to do it at night so I do it in the mornings.  The girl who sold this to me warned me that it may burn a bit when I put it on.  Well the burning after putting it on is not my problem.

My problem is the burning during the day.  The moment my heart rate increases and the blood flow faster my legs start to burn, but not only burn it also turns a lovely shade of lobster red from this cellulite cream.

Now to explain further – when I get angry I go completely red in my face which is now due to the increase in heart rate and the faster blood flow, same when I’m ashamed – I blush a very bright red. 

I’ve had a very angry week and have been fighting with creditors, debtors, Nedbank, SARS and this afternoon will be the municipality.  In between I also had a few choice words to say about Medical aids, traffic cops etc.

So everytime I have a few choice words to say or am fighting with somebody over the phone my legs will start to burn from the cream.  Not too bad – it’s cool in my office and I can live with the burn because at least then I’m not cold. 

However for some reason today, I bend over to get something from the side of the bath right after putting the cellulite burning cream on.  So the cream was then on my stomach, boobs and arms.  Yes it was a big bend all the way over and under the bath.  So today, first fight with Nedbank and the next moment my arms, boobs and stomach is on fire.  I look down and my whole cleavage is a vivid red.  And now I can feel my cheeks (on my face OK) getting red as well – not from the cream but from anger and embarresment about the red cleavage. 

And so the day progressed – have a fight and have a red cleavage for at least 30 minutes later.  The question now – do I really want to go to the municipality and have the fight about the illegal water connection when I flame up after 10 seconds of being anger.  Maybe they would be so scared that I’m going to spontaneously combust that they will write these extra charges of.

Wish me luck and coolness…

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4 Responses to Burn baby burn

  1. Tatsu says:

    wha ha hasorry for laughingall the best though

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    REading it again I had to laugh as well. Ohh dear the things we do to look better!

  3. SEESAW says:

    Coolness wished upon you… Lots of it

  4. Tatsu says:

    LOL, ya it’s crazy.I’m also in a stage of renewal and it’s hard, but so worth it.strength Lotus.

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