Medical aids

After readying Puff’s post ( ) about the medical aid paying for bariatric surgery, I’m sommer upset.

Medical aids are really such a rip-off – they will pay for bariatric surgery but because of such strict limitations on my daily savings plan I can not even go to the dentist without paying for it myself.  They put such high values on being fit and healthy but surely they should then be more lenient towards people exercising and give them more money to treat exercise related injuries.  Our whole medical aid savings plan go to physio each year because we are bound to have some kind of injury sooner or later with the amount of exercise we do.  So the people who are trying to be fit and healthy are being penalised because their needs are covered (or really not covered) in the day to day medical aid savings plan but the medical aid are then show their true colours and pay for bariatric surgery which is for people who brought their weight issues onto themselves (sorry I’m may be stepping on some toes here because there are overweight people with real health issues).  Surely that should be penalised and not being paid for?  Or should the medical aid not rather pay for the overweight people to rather go for some therapy because normally the weight issue is just a symptom of deeper underlying issues.

So what medical aids advertise and what medical aids actually do are two completely different things. 

And the worst of it all – you can swop between the different medical aids but in the end they all are exactly the same and do we have much of a choice here in SA?  Can we really be without medical aid – I don’t think so because there are just too many risks in South Africa – crime and car accidents etc.

At that brings me to my next point.  Imagine the cost of rehabilitation and medical care for crime victims and car accident victims.  Imagine how low our medical aid cost will be if we did not have so much violent crime and if people could drive better and safer on the roads.

OK and now I’ll get of my soapbox and return to my grey accounting corner.

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7 Responses to Medical aids

  1. ermadziva says:

    In the long term, it’s probably cheaper for them to pay for the surgery because research has shown that overweight people are more likely to get sick and visit the doctor. It’s a pre-emptive strike I guess.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    I agree with you Eleanor it is most probably a pre-emptive but surely my exercise and the medical costs involved with that should also be seen as pre-emptive.

  3. JessieR says:

    lol mom. In a way I can understand the medical aid thing. It is cheaper in the long run to do the surgery – there are a huge number of illnessess etc that come with being overweight. And I am not sure if all medical aids cover it – mine is doing trials to see if it is worth it. My views on the surgery itself – unless you have an actual medical reason for being overweight, then yes – you did this to yourself. Now man up and do something about it. Surgery is NOT going to fix the underlying problem. Stop being a lazy ass, get off your ass, and do something about it. As to why they limit exercise injury payments / dentists / that kind of thing – that I cannot tell you. I do know that last year I used up all my savings and was in hospital (with related costs) 3 times for no less than 7 days for each visit. And this year it is nowhere near that. So to me – being overweight and unfit is worse and more costly than being healthy and weighing less. But that is just my opinion.

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Hi Puff. I just love you – you just have such an amazing way with words and to put things into perspective. That is really a talent you should put into your “I’m great box” I agree with you completely and I suppose all of us will just have to smile and pay for the medical aid regardless of our personal health issues. To not have a medical aid is just too grim to even contemplate.

  5. JessieR says:

    I have heard some serious horror stories about some of the government hospitals in CT. So I pay my seriously high medical aid fees and just smile and bear it. And thank you so very much for the compliment Lotus. It is so very appreciated.

  6. JessieR says:

    Do so love a good pun Tacita lol. Hugs.

  7. tandy.sinclair says:

    medical aids are a rip off, but a hospital plan is a necessity – and you get what you pay for 🙂

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