Intuitive kids

Zoe does amaze me sometimes with the things she can pick up and emotions she can feel.  We were driving in my car yesterday and she was merrily unpacking her school bag when myself and my mom started to talk about depression.  How it does not help to count your blessings and look at the bright side of life because when you feel down, you feel down and nothing can really change that.  Zoe piped up and asked us why we were crying!  How amazing is that – we said to her that we are not crying and she said that we are because we are sad.  I could just shake my head.

She has now also once again discovered the bath and all the bottles next to the bath.  She is the swimming teacher and all the bottles must swim with her and she teaches them.  It is very funny to hear her instruct the bottles on how to swim but goodness it does test my patience because I just can not get her out of the bath and it is every evening and morning!  And everytime all that hair is wet again because it is impossible to get her to keep her head out of the water.  I actually felt like a very bad mom this morning when we got to school and I could see the water still dripping out of her pigtail.

However there is migating circumstances, she hates a hairdryer and to towe ldry that hair is to ask to sit with a brush for an hour to get all the knots out.  Furthermore – she only got out of the bath at 7:15 and we have to leave by 7:30!!!

Our bodies are really the best designed machines in the world but also the most misterious.  I did a 32km run on Saturday and was not sore at all the next day.  Yesterday I did 80 squats and 72 lunges and today my muscles are so sore from lactic build-up that I can barely walk!  How is that possible?  Tonight I will have to run 8km with this sore butt of mine.

My Santa shoeboxes are now all ready to go except for the wrapping part and I’m really not looking forward to that.  Hopefully Mr Price home will get some boxes in that is similar in size to a shoebox and then I don’t have to worry about wrapping it.

When is this spellchecking dooda going to work again.  I know there are some spelling mistakes in here but I just can not get the thing to work.  So please excuse anything that was spelled incorrectly.

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One Response to Intuitive kids

  1. SuritaBotha says:

    Hi Flinnie. Natuurlik pla die spelfoute my – ek is ‘n Virgo! :-)Ja jongie die kinders van ons is maar net ongelooflike goedjies.

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