Saturday morning saw me sitting on the edge of the bed at 4:00 lamenting the fact that I’m completely crazy and need my head examined.  How is it humanly possible to get up at that time of the morning and know that you are doing this to go and run a 32km race.

Well I dragged myself out and got ready and luckily I went outside before I we got in the car.  It was freezing and the wind was blowing.  I quickly ran back into the house and got an extra blanket for Zoe and warmer clothes and a T-shirt for me.

Once we got to Vanderbiljpark it was even colder and I did entertain the idea to downgrade to a 21 for about 2 seconds and then I decided that I’m here to do 32 and that is what I’m going to do.  I did take a lot of guts to actually take of my long pants and stand at the start of the race in a tiny little running short.

Obviously Ouma and Zoe was there as well.  They did the 10 kilometer with the pram and had a wonderful, albeit cold time.  After they had finished there was enough time for a leisurely breakfast at the Wimpy and a spot of shopping before I finished the 32km.

Well my race went absolutely brilliant.  I ran with a friend and even though the 2 of us has completely different approaches to running it worked out wonderfully.  I’m more of a let’s walk when I bored or just having a flat spot.  He believes in running for as long as possible and take more and more walk breaks between the running closer to the end when he is tired.  I definitely learned that I can actually keep on running for much longer than I thought possible.  In the end I had enough energy to help him get through his bad patches and we finished within our target time of 3:30.

What I found very very encouraging was that I did not feel although I needed any additional energy supplements along the road, normally I would feel a bit tired and would have to take an energy gel for additional energy.  Furthermore I was fine afterwards, my knees and ankles were a bit sore but that is to be expected after running for 3 and a half hours.  The next day I was not stiff or sore at all and I actually felt although I could go for another run again.

We were discussing the race for the weekend coming last night and Zoe immidiately piped up and asked who is going to run with her in the pram.  It really seems although she really enjoys this running with us even if it does mean that she has to get up at crazy hours in the morning.

So bring on the Kaapsche Hoop marathon on the 6th of November.  I can not wait!!!!

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