What a strange day yesterday.  Zoe stayed at Ouma so there is not much to say on the Zoe front.

I did not exercise yesterday because I’m resting my legs for the weekend so nothing to say on that front.  So the mom and the runner is quiet today.

We did go out for dinner last night.  Went with a friend of ours that has been divorced now for about 10 years and he took a girl along that we introduced him to (or is it too).  Goodness some days I can see the advantage in being married.  I really do not want to go through all that akwardness and dating again!!!


1.  Work problems and that is it.


1.  Training for the marathon is going good.

2.  Zoe is an absolutely angel and a joy

3.  Appointment at dentist went well – nothing to be done apart from some preventative work

4.  Audit is hopefully now completely done

5.  It rained!!  Hooray!


1.  A ride on the Gautrain this afternoon, a spot of shopping at Sandton city and dinner at Cape Town Fish market

2.  32km run tomorrow morning – I can not wait to test my fitness

3.  Tinkerbell the movie on Saturday afternoon

4.  5km run on Sunday morning with the pram and obviously Zoe in it.

Ohh and then I cleaned out my handbag this morning – what a mess, brown sugar at the bottom of the bag (how did that get there), pieces of cookie, some very old and sticky liquorice allsorts and R85 in silver coins!!  I did not even count the brown money.  And about 4 different types of lip gloss and lipstick and I don’t even wear lipstick!!!  At least my handbag is lighter now and the R85 in silver will pay for our tickets on the Gautrain.

Enjoy your weekend.

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